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The Structure department bases its expertise offered to the construction sector (developers, entrepreneurs, etc.) on its in-depth legal competence and on its concrete experience.

The long experience and specialization of the lawyers working in the Structure department allows them to know the different stakeholders involved, the complex features of public procurement, the uncertainties involved in property development projects as well as the technical problems that can occur on any building site.

It is often not just a case of having the right legal skills – technical know-how is also indispensable when taking on such cases.

First and foremost, dealing with such cases requires a good knowledge of construction techniques. In many cases, disputes centre on whether the workmanship has been carried out properly and whether the rules of the trade have been adhered to. Under these circumstances, it is crucial for a lawyer to be familiar with the rules of execution.

The legal aspect is just as important, as many legal issues are specific to the sector:

  • The sharing of responsibility between the project owner, architect, entrepreneur, engineering office, etc.
  • Defending clients against claims of bad workmanship or liability issues;
  • Drafting contracts for architectural work or for special techniques;
  • Real estate issues relating to property and co-ownership law;
  • Analysing the award and control of public and private tenders;
  • Insurance issues (professional liability, site liability, 10-year warranty)

Structure department is made up of a team of practitioners specialised in construction law. They can support you from the initial work on a building’s foundations to final acceptance in the following areas:

  • Property development issues;
  • Contracts;
  • Award and execution of public works;
  • Co-ownership;
  • Disputes and their settlement (legal, but also administrative, arbitration, mediation);

A team of practitioners with in-depth knowledge is there to support you:

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