The creative industry

An inventor, designer, visionary, … ? It is sometimes difficult to focus on concrete aspects when your mind is buzzing with ideas. Our IP/IT department Creactivity is there to help you keep your feet on the ground. We’ll take care of protecting you and your work, registering your creations, overseeing the compliance of your contracts and making sure that your rights are respected.

With this in mind, Creactivity provides flexible legal solutions specifically tailored to your needs and resources. We can offer you a complete range of services, including:

  • Protection strategies;
  • Registration of brands, designs and models, …;
  • Support in the fields of distribution, licensing, publishing and setting up partnerships;
  • Contracts;
  • Project audits and compliance checks;
  • Litigation (legal but also administrative, arbitration, mediation, etc.);

Pick your lawyer within our team of creative legal experts who understand your business.

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