Data protection officer

More than ever, the processing of personal data has now become a strategic issue for private and public companies. Society and customers are becoming increasingly demanding in this field, and your company needs a data protection officer to ensure compliance in this field.

To support you in this area, Creactivity, our IP/IT department, has developed an offering specifically tailored to this need:

  • in-house training on privacy issues, together with a data protection officer and the temporary assignment of a lawyer to your company,
  • the outsourcing of the data protection officer position,

As regards data protection, generally speaking we can offer a complete range of flexible legal solutions tailored to your needs and resources. These include:

  • prevention and management of disputes related to the data protection/privacy, either in court or via private settlement;
  • in-house audits on compliance with future European and sectoral data protection/privacy regulations;
  • notification of processing by the Data Protection Authority;
  • compilation of “data privacy” policies defining data management protocols;
  • organisation of data transfers to third parties;
  • intellectual property protection of your databases (copyright, sui generis protection, non-disclosure clauses);

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