Social Responsibility


Over the past few years, Lexing has deeply thought on how to contribute to fine arts and culture through the legal profession.

Lexing organizes various art exhibitions in its offices every three months. In the past Lexing has hosted the work of Evelyne van Poppel, Djamel Merbah, Eliette Gouhie, Marlène Azzalini, Françoise Vasanne (Namur), Fabienne Marchot, Ludmilla Klejniak, Josiane HermesseLilla Lazzari, Angele de Barquin, Andrée Spriesterbach, Laurent D’Alvise (Namur), Bruno Bonnami, Véronique Martinelli, Marie de Montpellier (Namur), Thierry Grootaers,  Bert Van PeltMaria PaceFrédéric MaterneYves Buffalo, Alice Pirson (Namur), Boris Mestchersky, Michel Hella, Marc SterkendriesAnastasio Marquez,  Jean-François Cuda, Sophie Verbrouck, Jean-Paul Laixhay, Cécile Dumortier, Marielle Schumacker (Namur), Thomas QuoidbachJonathan Voleppe, Vincent Botta, Sophie LEX (Namur), Caroline Roloux, Philippe Herbet, Frédéric Rensonnet (Namur), Emilio Sanchez Chico, Pascale Loréa and Marie-Jeanne Désir is currently hosting the work of Vanessa Cao and Carine Malou and Laurent-Olivier Henrotte (Namur).

Bruno Bonnami


Au sein de notre structure d’exercice, nous considérons nos collaborateurs et employés comme notre plus précieuse ressource.

Conscients que la créativité jaillit de la diversité, nous accueillons et respectons la différence dans les approches, les cultures et les orientations de vie, au bénéfice final de nos clients.

Fidèle à nos objectifs de croissance interne et soucieux de favoriser l’innovation d’une manière ou d’une autre, le cabinet accompagne ses avocats dans leurs ambitions et les soutient dans leurs projets académiques ou familiaux.

En outre, Lexing s’implique dans la lutte contre le harcèlement, dans toutes ses formes.


Every economic activity has an environmental impact.
Lexing is committed to minimize its impact on the environment. In order to do so, we have taken actions such as :

Paper Recycling and Reducing the Use of Paper

  • by using of mixed FSC paper (at least 70% recycled), Nordic Swan, TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and Ecolabel ;
  • by printing double-sided by default
  • by cancelling the automatic printing of every e-mail
  • by keeping an electronic copy of documents and proceeding files to limit excessive printing

Public Transport and Collective Car Use

We encourage our members and clients to take the public transportations. These transports are systematically referenced in the access plan of the firm. The members of the firm are also invited to share their cars for every meeting.


Lexing promotes the use of IC Technologies. Therefore, each member of the staff receives a secure remote access to the firm’s server that enables them to telework.

Energy Savings

Wherever it is possible, the firm replaces old lightbulbs with energy saving or LED devices. We consistently encourage the installation of energy saving materials when building new offices.

Limitation of Water Consumption

All our staff is committed to remedy any water leakage and avoid abundant consumption of water. We also try to include water-efficient devices in our offices (WC, etc.).

Ecological Equipment

Our firm has replaced its electronic equipment and hardware with materials that consume less energy and show fewer toxic components.

Lexing also purchase recyclable batteries and toner.

In addition, according to a study from the WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY UNIVERSITY, our chosen font, “Century Gothic,” allows us to save 30% of ink, in comparison with other fonts.

Energy Audit

We have replaced our old central heating machinery and following to an energy audit conducted in our Liège’s office we intend to soon replace our window frames.

Regular reminders about Responsible day-to-day Behaviours at the Office

We often remind our staff that they need to adopt a responsible behavior towards the environment (e.g. switching off the light when leaving a room, sorting of garbage (glass/papers), using recyclable materials for any consumption goods (glass bottles instead of plastic) etc.

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