[Milano – 15/06/17] General Data Protection Regulation

The Lexing members will meet in Milan, the 15th June 2017, for their 7th annual conference where they will meet with Lexing – Italy invited customers during an exceptional and free event gathering the network’s lawyers coming from all over the world.

The GDPR will drastically change the ways you may process and must protect personal data in Europe and beyond. The GDPR will impact the whole digital world and will require a completely new approach to data privacy in day-to-day operations, on the workplace and on the web, for anyone who operates in a global context.

When in force, the GDPR will uniformly apply all over Europe but will impact directly on any organization doing business in Europe, independently from its being EU-based or not. In addition, the GDPR significantly modifies several obligations for organisations while strengthening the protection for individuals, with obvious impact on the way organisations have coped with privacy up to now.

Obtain an overview of the GDPR from experienced experts from all continents.

Plan what action you need to take to comply.

Network with others facing the same challenges as you.

Lexing, the first network of law firms specialized in new technologies, in its traditional yearly conference offers you an unique opportunity to share the experience of an international group of Lexing’s lawyers and other experts in this field (members of the data protection authorities (DPAs), judges, in-house counsels of large multinational corporations) who will examine the new rules, illustrate the respective approaches to the GDPR and offer the audience a complete and comprehensive overview on how to cope with the new rules in order to allow you to plan from now the actions needed to modify internal processes to comply with the law.

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from Jean-François Henrotte

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