New gTLDs and Community Objection : the qualification of the objector as an established institution

In the framework of a Community objection to a new top level domain application, the objector has to prove its qualification as an established institution which has an ongoing relationship with the invoked Community. Pursuant to the ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook, one of the factors to be considered by the panel is the public historical evidence of the institution existence (section Some panels judged that the representation of the community before the US Supreme Court indicates a kind of public recognition of the standing of the objector to represent the associated community. Similarly, the organization of a yearly trade show dedicated to the community of mobile telecommunications has been considered as an evidence of the established character of the institution of the objector within said community. For further comments on this issue, see Le contentieux des nouveaux noms de domaine (par. nr. 200-201). “

from Alexandre Cruquenaire

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