The members of our team provide support to NewSpace players, who are called upon to lead space activities and are faced with new challenges and new economic and legal models.

NewSpace refers to the recent phenomenon of privatization of extraterrestrial activities by new players (SpaceX, Virgin Galactics…) historically outside the sector, which is reshuffling the cards in an industry and market initially reserved, because regalian, for States.

From space exploration to space operation. The issues raised by NewSpace are overturning the principles derived from the major space treaties which, in the context of Old Space, mainly regulated space exploration activities, whether military, scientific or commercial. Today, these treaties appear to be outdated when it comes to regulating space exploitation activities, which are at the heart of NewSpace issues.

Avocats NewSpace’s expertise is particularly evident in :

  • international, national and European regulations in the sector;
  • assisting industry players in drawing up and implementing satellite construction and launch contracts;
  • setting up complex space projects;
  • identifying and resolving issues linked to the growth of new private commercial space activities;
  • assisting national institutions and organizations with international cooperation projects and regulatory audits;
  • risk management and insurance for space projects;
  • space property issues (including intellectual and industrial property).

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