Insolvency and reorganization

Companies can fall into crisis situations – transfer of losses, reduction of capital, shortage of cash, late payments, etc – and face difficulties acquiring suitable legal support.

To be efficient, the legal support needs expertise in all the legal aspects of business life: Accounting Law, Corporate law, Social Law, Tax Law, etc. Each one of these complementary fields contributes to the optimal protection and completion of the recovery.

Anticipation of these difficulties and compliance with the relevant regulations not only ensures the completion of the recovery, but also, secures the support of investing candidates or partners and the avoidance of managers’ liability involvement.

Companies have many diverging interests (shareholders, workers, creditors, clients, etc.). In case of problems, divisions cause agonising struggles leading to the erosion of companies’ resources. With our appropriate and effective legal support, we aim at closing these gaps by convincing or, if necessary, compelling those apparently diverging interests towards a common purpose.

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