Lexing has a deep experience in energy law. We advise a wide variety of clients.

We support governments and control authorities.

We help undertakings with the development of their activities in the gaz, and electricity liberalized markets, at all stages of the production chain:

  • Investment;
  • Production and trade;
  • Transport et distribution;
  • Supply.

We are renowned for the wide breath of skills we exhibit in all areas of the law that are related to the energy business. These include:

  • Sector regulation (local or European) and contacts with regulation authorities;
  • Competition law and State aid;
  • (International) contract law (energy sale agreements (trade and wholesale, consumer supply and online contracts) transportation contracts, or construction contracts of infrastructures) ;
  • Privacy law (smartgrids, automation and smartphone applications) ;
  • Intellectual property and emerging technologies;
  • Corporate law;
  • Consumer law.

We help you with top-notch advices. At the litigation stage, we represent you before all jurisdictions and public authorities.

We make a tailor-made offer of service to all our clients.

We can make company lawyers available to your company on a temporary basis (outsourcing) for a specific project.

In our attempts to provide you with the most effective way of resolving any dispute you might have, we give precedence to arbitration, collaborative law and mediation instead of legal proceedings. Many of our lawyers defend not only the interests of our clients in such cases, but are regularly called on as arbiters or legal experts.

We carry out the exequatur procedures aimed at granting enforceability to foreign judgments in the States where we are established.

Pick your lawyer within our team of creative legal experts who understand your business.

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