EU and Competition law

Competition law and freedoms of movements are central for making business. These rules establish the boundaries of the economic public order. They cannot be ignored, nor by undertakings, neither by public authorities.

Lexing has a unique expertise in the field. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Belgian and EU competition law;
  • Anticompetitve agreements and cartels;
  • Abuse of dominant position;
  • State Aid;
  • Entry on a regulated industry;
  • Freedoms of movement (freedom to provide goods and services, free movement of persons and of capitals, freedom of establishment);
  • Regulated industries (telecoms, energy, …);
  • Intellectual property;
  • Unfair competition;
  • Consumer law.

Upstream, we advise you to avoid litigations. We support firms (e.g.: drafting of distribution agreements, licensing contracts, joint R&D deals) as well as public authorities (advice on public policies, drafting of bills or notification of State aid measures).

Downstream, we represent you at the litigation stage (complaint before the competition authority, leniency application, cease and desist order proceedings, interim measures, damages and class action). We frequently represent our clients before the judiciary, the European Commission or the Belgian Competition Authority.

Trade is without border; Lexing offer services that match your international needs. The lawyers of our association support you before jurisdictions in more than 25 countries.

Pick your lawyer within our team of creative legal experts who understand your business.

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